Studio Policy and Rates

I am thrilled that you are interested in my studio of talented and wonderful students of all ages!  The Sarah Viola Voice Studio offers an array of packages to suit the individual needs of each student. Please know that these policies are put in place to help optimize the time and resources of the student and his/her family as well as the teacher. I teach in sessions according to a quarterly calendar as follows:

Fall Session  September – November

Winter Session  December - February

Spring Session  March - May

Summer Session  June - August



Quarterly: Includes 12 sessions per calendar quarter; $540 for hourly sessions, $300 for 1/2 hour

Monthly: Includes 4 sessions per calendar month; $200 for hourly sessions, $120 for 1/2 hour

Introductory: Includes 2 sessions within 30 days; $75 for 50-minute sessions, $40 for 1/2 hour

Weekly: Per lesson as needed; $60 per hour, $35 1/2 hour

* Prices are based upon in-studio sessions.

Quarterly, monthly, and introductory package plans guarantee an agreed upon time slot for lessons. Students will be charged an extra lesson for months with 5 lessons according to the hourly rate of their package. Weekly sessions will always be scheduled AFTER students with packages have been arranged and will be dependent upon the availability of the teacher.

Introductory packages are designed for the student who would like to try out lessons with Ms. Viola to see if it is the right fit for you. Introductory lessons include a consultation to determine your musical background, discussion of musical goals for the immediate and long-term future, assessment of your current ability, basic technique instruction, and repertoire guidance.

Special packages may be arranged to meet your specific needs depending on teacher availability and discretion.


Payment Policy

Payment will be required prior to, or at the beginning of the first lesson of your scheduled package. Acceptable payment methods are cash, check, Venmo, and Paypal ( a 3% fee applies for Paypal and Venmo and need to be prearranged). Lessons will only be provided to students whose accounts are in good standing. You will be sent a bill in advance of each package. Checks are to be made out to Sarah Viola.


Cancellation Policy

The Sarah Viola Voice Studio has a strictly enforced cancellation policy. I understand that emergencies and illness do occur and I try to be accommodating, but please understand that I run a small business. Often times, I have turned down other work and/or students to provide a lesson slot to you. The cancellation policy is as follows:

1. ONE MAKE-UP LESSON is allowed per quarter for an excused absence. (An excused absence means that notice has been provided to the teacher prior to 24 hours before the lesson.) Examples of excused absence:  Documented illness (doctor’s note), inclement weather (severe snow, tornado), etc. The teacher is not required to make up more than one lesson per quarter.


2. If lesson is cancelled due to teacher absence including (but not limited to) illness, performance schedule, or prior engagement, the teacher will try to provide ample notice and schedule a make-up session.

3. Make-up lessons must be scheduled within 30 days of the package end date.

4. Same day cancellations and no shows will not be credited.

5. If you are unable to make your lesson time due to a true emergency, please notify me 24 hours in advance and I will try my best to accommodate a make-up.

6. If you are TRULY sick, please notify me by 10:00 AM that morning to reschedule. Students may be sent home if they are sick and no make up lesson will be provided.

7. Accommodations may be made for conflicts if given to teacher with ample notice (21 days or more in advance) and are at the availability and discretion of the teacher.


Termination Policy

In the event that you wish to terminate lessons, I ask that you give 15 days notice. No refund will be awarded for remaining balance on purchased packages.


Discount and Referral Policy

·      A 10% discount will be awarded to each additional family member who signs up for monthly or quarterly packages.

·      A free 60 minute lesson will be awarded to a family who refers a student who signs up for two months of lessons.


Miscellaneous Fees

Occasionally, it will be necessary to purchase music, books, and other supplies. These will be agreed upon purchases, are non-refundable, and will be due when the teacher purchases them for you.